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Re: WK

Postby 7Se7en__ » Tue Feb 27, 2018 2:38 pm

So, until now, pros & cons of each new civ, what do you think about 1v1 gameplay mostly arena? Maybe strats change a bit or we still see common stuff related to monks or UU rush?

Just my two cents about possible interesting civs:

Ethiopians, because +100 food/gold when reaching a new age. This way, if you skip loom, don’t need gold miners to go up castle as you receive 100 gold at feudal. Need to play few games, but why not going up with 21/22 pop (like scouts rush) as you don’t need gold? This way, castle times will be reduced and you can play more aggressive (smush) or boom earlier. Other thing is recolocate vils to mine stone (as you don’t need gold) and build defensive/offensive castle with 25+2 pop, for example.

Khmer, because no buildings required to advance to the next age or unlock other buildings. When playing arena, you know must have few vils on food for 800 required to go up castle and 2 (no loom) or 3 vils on gold while uping. Consequently, you knew some vils must be addressed to wood as you need at least 325 for blacksmith (150) and market (175). This way, and if you can lure deers inside arena, don’t need so many vils on wood and you can: (i) go up with less pop (faster); or, (ii) use them on other resources, like stone for example).

New civs changed your builds a lot? What do you think? Thanks

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Re: WK

Postby pete_martell » Sun Jul 22, 2018 11:07 am

well, from wk civs the one that changed completely the way u play dark age for me is malay; they are for sure top 3 if not even better civs on arena thanks to their bonus which makes them advance 80% faster to all ages and also thanks to their uu the karambit warrior.
since they up faster u have to create more vills otherwise ull up so fast to feudal that u dont gather enough resourses to up to castle age.
If u let a malay boom u should die badly most of the times cause they get an advantage of 4 vills just from doing a simple fast castle and that is a huge advantage in the early stages of the game; also the karambit warrioir imo is an incredible counter to monks since its cheap af and has the hp of a skirmisher so converting them doesnt give anything more than a fighting vill to ur opponent and they have to micro incredibly well to not lose the monks.
i usually up to feudal with 30 vills with 3 on gold and a lot of farms nd then ill boom 3 tcs that i think is more than enough since ur units arent expensive and if u lure deers and have a good start u can have 55 vills+wheelbarrow in 20 mins which is simply sick.
I think most of the times the army comp should be karambit, halbs or arbalest but those cheap eles can be crazy strong aswell but on arena its probably more risky cause monks are often on the battlefield.
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Re: WK

Postby Cr3zy_hot » Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:04 pm

Yeah malay is soo strong! Those cost efficient ellies omg 11. What would you do on arena when you are against them?
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