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Hidden Cup 2

Postby Desert_F0X » Fri Mar 01, 2019 4:21 pm

Hello everyone!

Total Prize Pool - $10,200 tournament incoming soon enough. More text can be found on link, didn´t want to copy all big ass text so here´s the link.

"In the Hidden Cup 2 casters, players, and viewers will be unaware of player identities until the tournament is completed. Players can no longer prepare for who their opponent will be in the next round. Instead, they have to be on their "A game" and adapt to their unknown challenger's playstyle. Higher skilled players no longer have an easy ride to the 2nd and 3rd rounds. There is no knowing how difficult a task each round will be as their opponents are completely random. This puts greater emphasis on preparation, strategy and of course... mind games!"

https://www.aoezone.net/threads/hidden- ... nt.152197/

Atm Jew and Goldie have signed up and highly likely will reach qualifier tournament for 2 final spots for the main event. Tell real story about lvl if two guys of 2300 might even not reach qualifier 11

Wish them gl! and will post updates about them here as well :)
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